Getting To Know Northern California Startups

North California is home to literally hundreds of unique start-up companies. Following is an overview of what type of new companies can be found in this area as well as a peek into what these companies are doing to change their part of the world.

San Francisco Startup Companies

San Francisco is home to numerous noteworthy startup companies, most of which work with some form of technology. Skymind, for instance, specializes in artificial intelligence and recently made Business Insider’s list of top 51 companies to bet on in 2017. Other popular startups work with cloud computing, website server technology and code management. Noteworthy startups in town include GitLab, CoreOS, Nginx, Mesosphere and Codefights.

San Francisco has, to its credit, done everything possible to make it easy for startups to get off the ground and become successful. The TechSF Initiative provides high tech job training to local workers, enabling startups to find qualified employees faster than would have otherwise been possible. What is more, the cost of rental space in the city is far more affordable than in Silicon Valley.

Sacramento Startup Companies

Sacramento is an ideal place to start a new company. There are literally dozens of accelerator, incubator and mentorship programs, co-working spaces and financial companies that offer needed funding to entrepreneurs. What is more, the city itself provides grants to new start-up companies in town that meet specific requirements. Given all that the city has to offer, it is not surprising that there are plenty of startup companies in town.

There are a few Sacramento SEO companies, including a fascinating one that helps startups in developing countries to reach a large target audience. However, most startup companies in Sacramento focus on providing medical, agricultural and clean energy technology. Other common industry types include third platform, game technology and government technology. The latter industry is also commonly known as GovTech and companies in this field work with local, state and Federal governments to improve services and efficiency.

Redding Startup Companies

Redding is a relatively small city in Northern California; as such, it isn’t typically considered to be a popular destination for startup firms. Even so, there are quite a few successful startup companies in the city.

Unlike startup companies in San Francisco and Sacramento, Redding startups don’t solely focus on providing tech-related products and services. LimeLight Health and Uncorked Health & Wellness, for instance, offer products and services related to physical and mental health. Best Bottle, Wild Card Brewing and Fall River Brewing offer top quality alcoholic beverages. Other startup firms offer goods and services ranging from a non-profit crowdfunding platform for needy children to secure file hosting and delivery services.

Other Northern California Startups

Naturally, these three cities aren’t the only places where you can find startup firms in Northern California. Santa Rosa is home to well over five dozen startups, including Autonet Mobile, OneTree Microdevices, Crowdsourcia and Invincible Leaders. Backblaze in San Mateo is making news for providing a cloud service that directly competes with Amazon Web Services. MCLEZ is a California CLE located in the valley. LitBit in San Jose aims to revolutionize the data center industry while MapR Technologies provides top of the line software for corporations that want to store and analyze large quantities of data.

In Summary

Northern California may not be as popular as Silicon Valley but it isn’t far behind. This charming part of the state is home to literally hundreds of startups but still makes room for countless more. Anyone who wants to set up a new business or simply enjoy new products and services not found anywhere else will find that Northern California is the place to be.